Gap Insurance 123

gap insurance 123

This Gap Insurance 123 review will present just what this insurance broker can do for you in terms of helping you to be financial secure by covering the difference in what your vehicle is worth and what you owe on it .

Who is GAP Insurance 123?

This is an insurance broker who owns this website and many others. This parent company is Aequitas Automotive. They are headquartered in the Hamilton Square financial district on the Wirral peninsula in a building they purchased in 2015. Their motto is to ‘Treating Customers Fairly’. Their senior management team has a combined 35 year experience in the insurance industry.

This is a UK based firm who only uses A rated underwriters for their clients policies and backed by FSCS.

What types of vehicles does Gap Insurance 123 find policies for?

The following types of vehicles registered in the UK that qualify for Gap Insurance 123 coverage includes;

Light commercial vehicle

What levels of coverage does Gap Insurance 123 offer?

There are three different levels of financial coverage that Gap Insurance 123 can locate for you. Each one has a different level if financial security it offers.

  • The basic level only pays off what you own on the loan for the vehicle.
  • The next level up provides funds to the price you paid for the vehicle at the time of its purchase. This makes it possible to recover what you have already paid on the vehicle.
  • The highest level of protection provides the replacement cost of your vehicle at the current market value.
  • Are there any differences with the Gap Insurance 123 is from standard insurance?

    Gap Insurance offered by Gap Insuarnce 123 is only activated when the vehicle covered is totaled out and unrepairable. This type of insurance is not mandatory by the UK government. Because this is financial protection to cover the difference between the fair market value of a vehicle protected by your comprehensive policy and what you owe or have invested in it, the length of time you will hold this type of policy is limited. For most standard car loans, this type of policy will only be taken out for 3 years. This insurance does nto replace a comprehensive policy. 

    In Conclusion

    Gap Insurance 123 is good to have if you take out a large loan to get a vehicle. As with all insurance policies, make sure you read it in its entirety before paying the premium. 

    This information is being provided free to the public by an independent writer. We do not endorse or dissuade the use of this insurance broker and have not been compensated by Gap Insurance 123 in any manner.