Car Tyre and Rim Insurance 

No matter what conditions of a road’s surface, the tyres on a vehicle are susceptible to being damaged by debris. By holding a policy for tyre protection, the operator of a vehicle can go where they want to no matter what is encounter on the road’s surface and will be covered so they can make it to their destination.

What is covered with this type of Insurance

All types and profiles of tyres on the vehicle can all be covered with the tyre insurance policy. This includes the standard tyres, low profile, wide, winter and even the run flat versions of tyres. For a four wheel vehicle this insurance covers the replacement of up to five tyres and on two wheel vehicles, like motorcycles the coverage is for up to two tyres.

No coverage would be complete unless the mounting, stems, values and balancing are included in the policy. With our Tyre Insurance policy they are included so there are no worries about the new tyres and their installation on the vehicle and peace of mind will be with the operator as they travel down the road.

Coverage for Damages

As with all things in life, scrapes and bumps happen. When they happen to your car–especially your alloy wheels–it can be a complete nightmare to deal with. Even the smallest damages can affect the look, function, and resale value of a vehicle.

While alloy is the obvious superior choice, the metal is not as easily mendable as steel. If there’s a dent in a steel wheel, it can be hammered back into shape, whereas an alloy wheel takes more delicate, precise repair. Because of their lightweight structure, alloy wheels are more susceptible to cracks and damages in a collision. That’s where alloy wheel insurance comes in.

What Type of Vehicle is Covered

Tyres are used on every type of vehicle on the road and each type can be covered by a tyre insurance policy. This includes luxury, compact, off road, hybrids, RV, motorcycles, vans and trucks. If it is a motor vehicle that uses the roadways, it can be covered with our tyre insurance policy.

Why Take out Car Tyre and Rim Insurance

All roads across this great country are in the public domain. Because of that all types of people and their vehicles use them on a regular basis. There are responsible operators that leave the road as they find it along with those that have little to no care for the safety of others. This is the reason why trash is littered on the roadways that includes broken glass, nails and metal that can puncture a tyre and leave the operator of a vehicle stranded requiring assistance.

Other objects are left on the roadway due to the forces of Mother Nature. The winds blow branches and other objects into the oncoming path of vehicles traveling down the road. This cannot be stopped and are hazards that have to be avoided so the tyres are not punctured or sliced. When avoidance of these hazards cannot be accomplished assistance will be necessary due to a damaged tyre.

When any of these events or others is encountered, the peace of mind the vehicle owner has being covered by tyre insurance is comforting. This makes it possible for new replacement tyre or tyres to be fitted on the vehicle and the operator can be once again on their way to that planned destination.

Car rim and tyre insurance is the type of policy that fills in what most other vehicle insurance policy omit. This type of insurance covers the unexpected blowout on the roadway along with other events that leaves the vehicle with a tyre flat so the owner of the vehicle can continue on their way without being forced to dip into the family monthly budget to cover the cost of repairs.