The Benefits and Peace of Mind Car Key Insurance Provides

With 24 hour coverage 365 days a year a policyholder will have access to their vehicle no matter what happens to the keys. This coverage will help them get back in their vehicle no matter what happened and help them to be on their way to that destination that was planned before the keys were lost.

What is covered with this type of Insurance

The keys to a vehicle are unique and are required to not only gain access to the interior, but to operate it. The biggest problem is the vehicle is very large, but the keys are very small in size. This leads to them at times being misplaced or lost.  When this occurs and the owner holds a car key insurance policy they are protected and will once again have a set of keys in their hand.

The car key insurance also covers the owner of a vehicle when the keys are stolen. This can be in a mugging, a home invasion or even a practical joke by a colleague or friend.

It does not matter why the keys are gone, just that they are and there is a need for a replace set.

Owners with this coverage will have 24/7 access to their vehicle and will be provided with a new set of keys. A locksmith will be dispatched to the location of the vehicle once they are contacted and access will be made possible as soon as possible. This makes it possible for the owner of the vehicle to carry on with their life.

What Type of Vehicles are Covered

This type of insurance covers the owner immaterial of the type of vehicle they own. It can be an older model with just a simple key or a newer model with the smart key. This way the owner can get in their vehicle, turn off their alarm and start their vehicle no matter what they did with their keys.

For owners that already possess their vehicle, they too can have this coverage no matter how long they owned the vehicle.

Reasons to have Lost Car Key Insurance

The life of most people is very hectic and keeping track of the keys to a vehicle is important, but is not always possible. Time is valuable and a set of lost keys brings life to a halt. With this specific type of insurance coverage, help is just a phone call away and life will be back on track to accomplishing the goals that have been set and destinations needing to be reached by the owner.

Vehicle owners with the car key insurance will always be able to get back in their vehicle no matter where they lose their keys or when. The only time lost will be just how long it takes them to decide to call for help and for that help to arrive. In most metropolitan areas this time for help to arrive is less than an hour. 

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