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Alloy Wheels & Tyre including diamond cut

In today’s world, it’s a safe bet that any vehicle you see zooming down the road has wheels made from one of two materials: steel or alloy. And while they each have their unique capabilities and perks, there’s a reason many automotive companies are using alloy as their metal of choice for newer, high-end cars. Alloy wheels can promote the longevity and health of your vehicle, noticeably increase performance, and bring a sleek aesthetic to any vehicle, benefits that wheels made from other metals just don’t quite master. When car owners choose such high-quality products, it’s no wonder they also choose to protect that investment with alloy wheel insurance.

The Differences That Set Alloy Wheels Apart

Alloy Wheel Insurance

Sleek Alloys

Alloy wheels are forged from a variety of durable metals, namely aluminium, magnesium, and nickel. Because all these metals are lightweight in design, the end result is a wheel that is substantially lighter than the steel counterpart. Although the wheels are incredibly strong, they also are light enough to provide drivers with excellent acceleration capabilities and allow cars to stop faster. The lightweight design of the wheels even improves gas mileage when compared to heavier steel wheels. All this makes vehicles with alloy wheels more fun, effective, and safe to operate.

Additionally, alloy wheels have a higher threshold for heat, so they can withstand and maintain durability through extreme weather conditions. To top it all off, alloy has an outstanding aesthetic shine that–much like a classy pair of shoes–adds the perfect touch of elegance to any vehicle. Travel freely with the knowledge that your car has the wheels to get your there safely and looking fabulous.

Alloy Wheel Insurance Quotes

Protect your gap today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers

Coverage for Damages

As with all things in life, scrapes and bumps happen. When they happen to your car–especially your alloy wheels–it can be a complete nightmare to deal with. Even the smallest damages can affect the look, function, and resale value of a vehicle.

While alloy is the obvious superior choice, the metal is not as easily mendable as steel. If there’s a dent in a steel wheel, it can be hammered back into shape, whereas an alloy wheel takes more delicate, precise repair. Because of their lightweight structure, alloy wheels are more susceptible to cracks and damages in a collision. That’s where alloy wheel insurance comes in.


Can be Expensive to Repair on Your Own

Because of the types of damages that can occur when driving with alloy wheels and the more intensive repair process, it can become expensive to repair alloy wheels on your own without the assistance of an insurance program.

Luckily for all you alloy lovers out there, there are many insurance options on the market that can adequately cover the risks and protect your vehicle. You may be a fantastic driver and take excellent care of your car, but the road is unpredictable and you never know who will pull into traffic behind you.  

With the right insurance provider, you can speed off with your alloy wheels and leave the worries behind you. Contact us today to find an insurance quote for your alloy wheels!

Alloy Wheel Insurance Quotes

Protect your gap today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers